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Natural Warts Removal Remedies That Work


Our skin can often time be affected by many factors, like our health, what we eat, the environment etc. Skin problems can be very uncomfortable, and so are warts, the unusually, persistent growth that can grow almost anywhere on the skin and can be quite depressing and irritating. Here are some vital information on warts, and also warts removal remedies that may work for you.

What Are ‘warts’?

They have been identified as skin growths usually caused by several viruses. The most common are doughed from the virus known as the human papillomavirus, that leaves an infection on the layer of the top skin and also causes it to expand speedily, causing what we are now addressing as a wart. If you damage or cut your skin by any means, and then have direct contact with an infected person you can contract the virus.

You can also get infected by sharing personal hygiene items like a razor etc.

Though anybody can contact warts. In fact, almost everyone does. Some are at more risk, most especially and teens, children, also people with immune system weakness.

There are different types of warts, they all look differently and also appear on different areas of the body.

Common-warts: Common warts occur mainly on the hand, with a rough shape and brownish gray color.

Plantar warts: This kind only grow on the feet(sole), are often hard, thick and dark. They cause enormous pain when walking.

Flat-warts: This kind usually grows on arms, legs and also the face. They are usually small with flat layers and could appear in light yellow, pink or brown.

Filiform warts: They can be found on the face, but mainly on the mouth, the nose, or the chin. They appear in the skin brown color but have thread-like growths.

Periungual-warts: They specifically occur under/around the toenails and the fingernails.

Most times, warts can disappear on their own after a period of time, but most times they are tricky and hang around longer than you would prefer.

10 Natural warts removal methods

These are a lot of warts removal remedies for you besides Wartrol and other techniques. Not just for removal but also for preventing future re-occurrence too.

Avoid being barefooted, and don’t share your personal care items, and also no touching of all kind of warts, not yours, not everyone else’s.

1. Boost your immune system: HPV warts come on as a result of contracting the virus. So, one of the preferred and sure remedies is to enhance your body’s capability to resist them. In recent studies, it has been uncovered that a lot of people have noticed their warts appear when they were either feeling sick, tired or just worn down. So make sure you get enough exercise and sleep often. Also, use active immune system boosters like olive tree leaf, turmeric, vitamin-c, zinc etc

2. Stop spreading. The warts are passed from one person to another, and can also be spread to other parts of the body. When you touch your wart, and then without sanitizing your hands, you go ahead to touch other parts of your body, the virus will spread, causing new warts to pop up every several days.

3. Use pineapple: Pineapples contain natural acids and enzymes, so fresh pineapple applied to warts directly a few times a day will help.

4. Garlic. Mixing garlic with water and applying the solution to the infected area can help too. be sure to bandage it up. Apply again within a few hours continuously until you are sure the warts are gone.

5. Baking-powder. Make a mixture of baking powder/castor oil, it will form a paste. Apply the paste to your wart, then seal with a bandage. Carry out action daily. You may also try freshly crushed basil or mix both together.

6. Vitamins. Crush a vitamin C tablet and mix it with water to form a paste. Apply to your wart and seal with the bandage. You may also try vitamin-E in the same process. Rub solution and cover.

7. Aspirin. Use like vitamin C. Crush, add some water, apply the solution to the wart, cover it overnight. Continue for some nights until you are sure you are rid of it.

8. Tea tree oil. The oil should be applied directly to the wart, and then sealed with the bandage. Do it continuously every day You may also mix it with clove /or with frankincense oil to give it an additional effect.

9. Bee propolis. Most people find success applying directly to their warts propolis a number of times daily. Also, try to apply and cover until morning.

10. Aloe vera. Aloe contains malic acid. Fresh from the plant is always best. Rub the gel on the wart. If you do not have possession of the plant, get the purest aloe you can find and cover after every application.


Getting rid of warts completely have proven to be a difficult task. People have tried several warts removal methods that didn’t work, done countless things and tried several remedies to exonerate warts, but still, wake up to see it spread even more across other parts of their skin.

Warts can be embarrassing and at the same time uncomfortable to live with.